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The website includes an extensive database of hydroelectric dams and projects in the Amazon Basin.
From the home page you can access for full information on each of the

In the left column is a series of filters that can be used individually or together. When applying these
filters, the map will show the results that match your search.

To access the project profile of a particular dam, simply click on the respective circle on the map, then
click “Open Project Profile.”

Project Legend

  • Black: In operation
  • Orange: Under construction
  • Red: Planned
  • Violet: Inventoried

Citation Format

We recommend using the following format to cite use of the website:

International Rivers, Fundación Proteger, and ECOA. Dams in Amazonia,
(accessed on Month, Day, Year).

Technical Considerations for Operation of the Website

Operating Systems

The website uses a Google Earth plug-in that is available for Windows and Mac OS. The plug-in is not
available for Linux.


The website works fine in Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera, provided that
they are running on Windows or Mac.

Known Issues

Some users have reported the following error message: "this system has been developed using a
different Google Maps API". This indicates that the Google Earth plug-in you have installed on your
computer is obsolete. To resolve this issue, simply manually delete your system's current Google Earth
plug-in, and download and install the latest version, available at

Sources of Data Used


Each dam's project profile contains a brief description of the data sources used.


Data for indigenous lands and conservation areas were developed by the following institutions:

  • Ministério de Meio Ambiente, FUNAI (Brasil);
  • Instituto Geográfico Agustín Codazzi (Colombia);
  • Instituto del Bien Común (Perú);
  • Protected Planet (Bolivia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela)